Time to Get Busy…

This blog is has been in place for a couple of weeks, but the newness is wearing off. It’s time. Time to get busy, posting ideas, giveaways and referrals for creative types. Of course you may see a random photo of the little ones in my life, including Brody – French Bulldog extraordinaire!

So, who likes to reinvent/embellish every day items around the house? Do you…you? Feel like I do!

Admittedly, this file folder is not your typical manila file folder. It came with the wonderful black and white damask exterior and a pop of pink on the inside. Note to self: those label stickers will work on another craft project upstairs.

Anyway, grab a file folder – any folder. Add pockets, punch a border, weave ribbons, affix photos, whatever strikes your fancy. Make yourself a really cool, custom portfolio. I took a slightly worn album sleeve from a, yes, a Peter Frampton album (imagine that!) and incorporated it into this folder. The stage lights and worn corners were perfect against the crisp damask pattern. Note the binder clip in shiny silver under the polka dot ribbon. Grab those office supplies and put them in the project; who knew they could be so cool!













I’ve picked up several more albums – Aerosmith’s Toys in the Attic, some ZZ Top, and others. More portfolios to come. Want one, but don’t have “glitter fingers”? Request a portfolio of your favorite artist by sending me an email.


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