Get an Old Book

First installment…

Making a “Vintage Book Greeter”
Sample shown below

Visit your local antique store for old books, buttons, costume jewelry and ephemera. Choose items that you like – that speak to your style. Get an old Book – any size, any condition – just make sure it has at least one cover (front or back) that you can remove. I like to dig through antique stores for reasonably priced vintage children’s books (I rarely pay more than $2 for a book). Children’s story books and readers often contain colorful pictures that can be used for additional projects. Head’s up… you’re going to take apart the book, so don’t use a favorite from childhood that you plan to pass down to others!

Separate the cover from the pages. Don’t worry about tearing the binding or any messy strings or glue that pull out. Depending on your style, you may want to keep some of the bindery strings intact. If not, you can snip them off with scissors.

If there are special interior pages/images that you’d like to keep for other craft projects, remove them and set aside. Cut the front cover away from the spine and do the same for the back cover of the book. You’ll end up with a cover, a spine and a back cover – three indivisual pieces.  

Set aside the spine and the back cover. Choose a page from the book that would make a nice backing for the cover. Use a strong paper adhesive to glue the page on the back of the cover and brayer over the paper to smooth out any bumps.

Now, search in your stash for ribbon, buttons and embellishments that will coordinate with the color/style of your book cover. Don’t be afraid to mix old and new!

For next time… vintage handmade flowers and choosing a phrase. Ready for some fun?

In the meantime, check out Ruth Rae’s book Layered, Tattered & Stitched: A Fabric Art Workshop at your public library or local independent bookstore. It’s full of ideas for mixed media artists.


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