Left You Hangin’?

Did ya think I forgot about the vintage book plate project? No, just enjoying the Jaws Log!! ūüôā

Okay, you’ve had time to gather your supplies, right? Let’s focus on the flower.

There are many ways you can create the paper flowers. Here’s one, and it’s super easy.

Take several pages from the old book you’re using for this project. Stack the papers and freehand cut a large circle (really it’s several circles) from¬†the middle of the papers.¬† Punch a small hole in the center and add a small brad to hold the circles together. You can always change out the brad later with a more decorative brad or¬†old button.

Now take the scissors and randomly create notches (pointed triangles look nice) around the edge of the circles. Once you have some notches), turn the paper circles and curl up the edges so the circle begins to resemble a flower with curled petals. You’ll want to ink the edges of the paper flower to create depth and continue curling until you have a dimensional flower shape. Maybe you’ll need to add additional layers. It depends on how full you want the flower to be.

Keep in mind, you can stagger colored or patterned paper in between the layers of book pages for a multi-colored look.¬†¬†When you have the “perfect” custom flower,¬†brush on¬†Modge Podge¬†¬†to give the flower some stability. You can use acrylic paint, but that will cover the page text. You might water down the paint with water for a shabby bleached look. The paint/MP will help the “petals” stay curled. Now locate a decorative brad or other a cool old button for the center and glue it on. Another center that looks really cool is fine gauge wire. Just poke it through the hole from the back. Wind the wire around a pencil to form a curly center. Cut the end of the wire and glue it to the back of the flower.¬†

Cut words or a phrase from the remaining book pages. That will be the little¬†phrase you glue to the front of the book. Use ribbon, chipboard shapes and letters¬†to finish the book. I’ll post a couple of photos of some samples soon. You can hang these from a wine bottle or door handle. They make a nice¬†attachment to a gift bag¬†for your favorite friend too.


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