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How Frenchies Work

Posted in Brody - French Bulldog on May 31, 2010 by wadevicki

How does a French Bulldog nap?

1. Choose the most comfy rug or mat nearest to your favorite family member.

2. Let tongue protrude and eyes roll back.

3. Stretch one  leg (or both) out so tummy is comfy.

Sleep. Note: keep ears alert to any noises (like small child creeping up or fave family member leaving room, then respond appropriately).

It seems that Brody’s favorite napping post is the kitchen rug…

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

-The Wades


A New Blog and A New… Brody?

Posted in Brody - French Bulldog on May 20, 2010 by wadevicki

Welcome to the new Killer Queen Blog!  Before I begin posting Killer Queen news and products, I would like to feature another French favorite – our new puppy, Brody.

Brody is a 4-month-old red/fawn French Bulldog (recommended by our small animal vet). We considered three breeds and after discussions and visits with area owners and pet industry professionals agreed that a Frenchie would be a great addition to the family – and the new home.

He looks a bit like Stitch from the Disney movie, don’t you agree?

No seriously. Wait until you see his short legs, his splayed paws and his ears up close and personal. He is a spitting image of Stitch – sans the blue coat. You’ll see below that Brody loves fringe (not the television show that is a favorite in our home), but the rug-kind. And, he’s a shoe chewer too. Note: put all tennies in the back stairway (he doesn’t walk up or down steps yet).

Look at that ear! It kinda makes up for the lack of nose, don’t you agree? We’re pondering Brody’s long, formal AKC name at this time. Any suggestions?

Welcome, Brody!